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Alexander van Tiddens

Andisiwe Nxabeti specialises in Public Relations, Business Communication, Media Studies, Marketing and Events Management. She believes that Public Relations is one of the most effective ways to build on marketing strategies and create a solid online reputation. Education is important to her and she loves seeing youth succeed. Andisiwe is also inspired by her family, students and hardworking women who had to work their way through success. Additionally, she loves helping students even outside the lecture room, to achieve excellent results. Her love of media as was inspired by the advancement in digital technology and mass media. Her mother is her biggest influence.

The unknown is what makes the PR world so exciting – with the adrenaline that it creates. Public relations is about sending the right message to the right place and the right people, thereby creating a stronger brand reputation.

Alexander van Tiddens

Khetiwe is inspired by students that have the eagerness, enthusiasm, willingness and readiness to learn. Seeing her students getting A’s on their modules and how they are motivated to learn more about government interaction with the public made her want to have that positive and inspiring impact on student’s lives.

The person that encouraged her most to become a lecturer was her brother. Her interest lies in digital citizenship and the ability to use technology and the internet effectively and appropriately. To Khetiwe Public Management is exciting because it helps us learn about current happenings, how we can make our community better and understand the relationship between the government and people. Public Management is an eye opening programme which helps you to understand the structures of government and how it works in terms of bringing better for the people. She has played a huge role and impacted many students lives. In addition, Khethiwe possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a smile. Her upbeat personality and engaging personal style enable her to interact effectively with clients and staff.

“Hold your future with both hands.”

Alexander van Tiddens

She finds it inspiring to be involved in training the minds of tomorrow, and in so doing, shape the ideas of future leaders and contributing members of society. Kimberley is inspired by watching learners excel and by taking part in shaping the next generation.

For Kimberley, the most rewarding aspect of being a lecturer is watching former students become successful, knowing that she had a hand in their journey to their achievements.

As a lecturer in the private industry, you are more than just an educator: you are a mentor, a confidant, and a friend. Kimberley entered this field to make a difference in the lives of as many students as she possibly can. 

While journalism is a tough, competitive profession – it is not a boring, typical 9 – 5 job. The field also has great opportunity for growth and career advancement – you could start off as a journalist and end up as an editor for a successful broadcasting station.

Kimberley additionally has served as a curriculum developer for three modules at CityVarsity and seven modules for ICESA City Campus. In addition to extensive experience in content development, she has also worked as an internal and external moderator for a variety of courses in the Humanities Faculty for both ICESA City Campus and CityVarsity.

Alexander van Tiddens

Minenhle lectures for Public administration N4, N5 & N6 and Municipal administration N5 & N6, Public Law N6 and Sales Management N5 & N6. She draws inspiration from her work and her passion to change the world through education and encourages her students to be better people. Especially when her students get inspired to fall in love with the field of study they have chosen. Minenhle chose the field of Public Administration because she was inspired by women such as Condoleezza Rice and Advocate Thuli Madonsela whose work ethic and drive shows in the way they conduct themselves in a field that is dominated by men.

Minenhle believes the youth can make a difference in the world they live in through pursuing a career in Public management as they will influence the decisions and regulations that govern the country. She lives by the famous line from Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in this world”.

It is her belief that one cannot just complain about the world’s issues and not do anything about it. One of her proud achievements was partnering with other female youth to start an NPO to empower young girls with the skills needed to be successful in the Information technology field.

This was an initiative to encourage more girls to enter and break the mould in the IT industry and change the perception that girls cannot do what boys can in this field.

Alexander van Tiddens

Mzwandile Clement Sikhakhane- Lecturer- Department of Engineering -College of Technology and Science- ICESA PMB.

Mr Mzwandile Clement Sikhakhane received the National N Diploma from eThekwini FET College in 2013-2015, He became an electrical Assistant at the Maintenance Department where he became an Electrician in 2016.

Mr Mzwandile Sikhakhane joined ICESA PMB Campus as a Lecturer in in the Department of Engineering in the College of Technology and Science. He teaches many subjects in the Electrical Engineering course. Since he was in college doing his course, he was always being inspired by his Power Machine and Mathematics Lecturer Mr Dean and aspires to achieve an appreciation award in his career.


Alexander van Tiddens

Nomfundo can best be described as deadline driven, punctual and with great organizational skills. She has always been motivated to meet deadlines and come up with creative ideas to improve tasks.

One of the most rewarding aspects about her job is developing new skills. She has accomplished the ability to think strategically and balance multiple tasks, especially with the latest trend in administration being towards CLOUD as more businesses begin to adopt Cloud Computing. Nomfundo describes her field as exciting as she can work with a variety of people and assistant students when needed to.

Nomfundo’s motto is that in everything that you do ensure that you give it your all and leave a footprint. Believe that it is all made for you that even the most impossible, seemingly unattainable dream is tailored for your life. In her community she has organized a successful event which entailed mentoring youth in a children’s home. She has realized that being a philanthropist does not require a person to have a certain amount of money and that there is a lot that can be given back to the community.

Alexander van Tiddens

Youth and childcare are at the heart of the Nosihle’s professional experience. She has worked with different organisations working with youth and children including Educare centres, children’s home and organisations working with youth in conflict with the law.

She specialises in ensuring that the needs of youth and children are met and that their rights are protected.  At the same time ensuring that they grow up to become independent individuals and responsible citizens in the future.

She believes that there is a lot that needs to be invested in a child’s future by adults. The most influential people in the life of a child are often adults and they have a great deal of influence on the child’s world view. She believes that if you give a child freedom to be who they are and who they were created to be, they are bound to reach their full potential and serve their ‘purpose’ in life.

Making a difference in someone’s life is what inspires her about her job. She feels like she has been given an opportunity to multiply herself in her students. Her advice to people entering the Educare field is to have love for the profession. As much Educare is still a new and growing profession in South Africa a lot has been done in terms of its recognition.

As a lecturer she is inspired by her students and that through them she has been given an opportunity to extend herself and make a difference in another person’s life and therefore having an influence in their life in the future.

Alexander van Tiddens

Noxolo has been with ICESA college for the past 5 years.

As a lecturer and coordinator Noxolo has always been motivated by knowing that every time she goes to class she gets to teach, apply her knowledge and be more creative. Lecturing keeps her on her toes along with the knowledge that she develops and helps her inspire young minds.

Within this field Noxolo finds herself able to skilfully convey messages in both work environments and social engagements, whilst her diverse personality allows for her to adjust and remain relevant in a variety of situations.

Public Management is a very wide field.  It provides a structured programme for students wishing to work as public officials. The qualification is aimed at equipping line managers with the knowledge and skills required to fulfil their management role within the public sector management.

It is within this context that she counts the everyday moments shared with students as a reward. Ever since she began lecturing there has not been a better feeling of fulfilment than seeing and witnessing her students graduating and receiving messages once they have been employed showing their appreciation and love.

Noxolo was raised in Appelsbosch along with her sister and cousins by her grandmother and now lives in Howick. She enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors, mountain hiking and camping. She is an extremely confident person who self-reflects and finds motivation internally. This allows for resilience in extended periods under pressure.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

“No public administration will be acceptable unless the public servants are polite and pleasant to the people.”  Amit Kalantri.

Alexander van Tiddens

Sanele specialises in Public Relations, Business Communication, Media Studies and Work Integrated Learning and is an academic at heart. He loves education and career development. His students, friends, and parents motivated him to become a lecturer and his students’ achievements inspire him to want to learn and lecture more.

For Sanele, it is rewarding to help students and see them get good results. Additionally, Sanele sets a personal lecturing goal that for all his modules which is to get 100% pass rate at least 75% class average and he is proud to say that he has been achieving this since he joined ICESA PMB in 2017.

Sanele is a very good communicator and he loves the media, so he decided to take up Public Relations because it incorporates both communication and media. His social media following also plays a very big role in his inspiration. He has over 10000 Twitter followers, over 5000 Instagram followers and over 2500 LinkedIn followers. The universe now lives in a digital world and Public Relations is the main role player.

His parents are and have always been his biggest influence. He has never met people who are more passionate about education than his parents. They always tell him to study even further and are always willing to fund his studies.

Alexander van Tiddens

Born Sipho Patrick Mashinini at Bodibe in the Northwest, he grew up in Newcastle KZN and went on to matriculate at Mdumiseni High School in Madadeni Township. He joined ICESA in 2008 as a Public Administration Lecturer. He then acted as an Academic Manager until 2015 where he assumed the role of HET Coordinator. He moved over to FET in 2018 also as a Coordinator and was appointed as an Academic Manager in 2020.

“Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.” – John Dewey

Alexander van Tiddens

The field of Human Resources management relies on processes of recruiting, hiring, training, compensation and benefits. With the human element of working with students, putting in that extra time and effort and the progress that her students made, Tasmika realized that she had chosen the right field.

Through her love of working with young people she was able to experience their brilliance, diverse personalities and possibilities. She considers young people ‘great’ and feels privileged to be able to speak into their lives and help them become ready to take on the world. Tasmika’s motivation has always stemmed from the feeling that she will make a difference.

In terms of her own career, it was a lecturer of Tasmika’s who inspired her. She was one of the major reasons of why she chose to pursue a lecturing/facilitating career. It was her ability to guide students, her fairness, and her sense of justice that made Tasmika aspire to bring these things to her own classroom.

She counts being in HR as both challenging and rewarding and has always believed that even if technology develops very fast and artificial intelligence becomes commonplace, needing people in companies is not something that would change in the future.
Basic and soft skills are required such as reading and writing to equip the youth with the skills needed in day-to-day life. These basic skills enable one to look for jobs, seek government services and access health care. Education also enables one to acquire professional skills that are critical in the job market. This shows us that investing your time and effort in education, will result in achieving a better future.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela

Alexander van Tiddens

According to Tasveer the most rewarding aspect of being a lecturer is seeing people expand their knowledge on computers and seeing his students grow in the academic as well as in improving problem solving skills which is essential in the I.T field.

Tasveer’s field of specialisation encompasses Information Systems and Application Development. These fields utilize programming and database skills and General User Interface creation to build Database systems as well as several applications which can be used on computer systems.

The drive for his inspiration for lecturing comes from wanting more people to understand the importance of technology in the current world and how to utilize these tools.

The inspiration for him is to share knowledge on computer systems to others to make people more aware of the technologies in use of the modern world and where technology is heading in the future.

He counts his parents as his biggest influence in his career as they did not grow up in the age of technology and this was something that he was always curious about.

There are always new developments in the field which improve existing technologies or helps integrate them into more forms of devices.

His advice to anybody wishing to enter the field, is not to be afraid of the unknown. I.T can seem intimidating but has near unlimited potential in terms of what you can do.

“You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.” – Unknown