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ICESA Student Communication 16 October 2020 Level 1

Re-Opening of ICESA Campuses Under Lockdown Level 1The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information on the next phase of re-opening of ICESA campuses permitted by government under Lockdown Level 1. The safety of students and staff remains a priority for all education institutions as the sector continues to implement a Covid-19 risk-adjusted strategy. No doubt there are many questions that you may have in this regard and we will endeavour to address them in this message and in further communication


Educor Official Communication – Level 1 of Lockdown

ALERT: COVID-19 REMAINS A SERIOUS THREAT We are reminded that the Coronavirus remains a serious threat to health and life despite South Africa having recently moved to Level 1 in its COVID-19 strategy. Health and safety protocols must continue to be strictly adhered to if a resurgence of the disease is to be averted. Level 1 has more students eligible to return to campus, and for most sectors of the country’s economy to be revived. The decreasing number of daily new infections informed this


ICESA Letter to Students – 2 July 2020

REVISED ACADEMIC CALENDARS AND ASSESSMENT STRUCTURE FOR 2020 ACADEMIC YEAR Since the commencement of the nationwide lockdown in March, all on-campus activities were suspended due to the health and safety risks associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic required alternative plans for students to continue with their studies and ICESA responded by directing students to the online learning platform myClass, which is accessible through the student portal, as part of ICESA’s remote teaching and learning, called Go!Digital, response as previously