ICESA Letter to Students – 2 July 2020

The impact of the pandemic required alternative plans for students to continue with their studies and ICESA responded by directing students to the online learning platform myClass, which is accessible through the student portal, as part of ICESA’s remote teaching and learning, called Go!Digital, response as previously communicated to students.

GO!Digital Student Participation Guide

Safe online learning spaces. As an online student right now, you are responsible for contributing to the online learning space in a positive and friendly manner.

GO!Digital Planning Your Learning Guide

You will find article repositories, open resources, magazines, e-books, journals and more resources that have been selected to support your learning and further develop your knowledge of your subject matter areas!

GO!Digital Student Communication

A Go! Digital Student Orientation module has been built into your myClass to further develop and enhance your engagement with online learning. If you are not enrolled for this module and cannot access the content, please reach out via a discussion for email to your Academic Manager or your lecturer explaining that you have access issues.

Go!Digital Student Communication

You can return to your course at any point, and navigate back to the discussion forum as often as you need to. One useful tip that we must share, is that you have the option to either edit or remove your question for up to 30 minutes after posting it.