GO!Digital Student Communication myLibrary 1 June 2020

What is it? This is your online, digital library that you can access via your Student Portal. The tile looks like this:

Writing and Research support material such as referencing guides
One-click access to the online plagiarism checker software
Journal Database Repositories – i.e EBSCO-Hos

Educor Letter to Parents Sponsors

We considered the impact of the lockdown on students, including their access to technology, data requirements, their ability to use technology for their learning; and the challenge they face to find quiet study places while at home.

Educor Letter to Parents Sponsors

We wish to assure all stakeholders that we have spent much time reworking the academic calendars for the 2020 academic year for a range of different scenarios and we are ready to implement rescheduled calendars for contact classes on campus once we are permitted to do so.

Communication to all Staff Students Sponsors and Parents Covid 19

The President has declared certain measures be implemented as per his address to the nation last night. In keeping with this proclamation and aligned to global and local precautionary measures, the executive team of Educor issues this communication directed to its students, sponsors, parents and staff at the Educor Brands that deliver via contact lectures: Damelin, City Varsity, ICESA, Central Technical College.